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Established payment and money transfer system

Company Profile

ManGo Point Payment Services L.L.C is a company registered in Dubai, UAE under the Dubai Economic Department for accepting and processing payments in the UAE, with license number 654362.


ManGo kiosks next to a supermarket, pharmacy, shop, hotel and other places. In our self-service kiosks, all services you need are simple and accessible as never before.

Products and services

7 years experience

7 years of successful experience and international partnership with service providers from 130 countries

450 agent locations

More than 450 agent locations in UAE


60 successful projects

More than 60 successful projects for mobile operators worldwide                                                                    

Payment systems

Integration with international payment systems and banks (processing center)

Developed software

Developed software solutions for Government Organizations

30 000 kiosks

30 000 kiosks are supported by our software                      

Company financial report

Established payment and money transfer system


Annual growth in 2013


Annual growth in 2014


Annual growth in 2015


Annual growth in 2016


Annual growth in 2017


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What we provide

  • Innovative, smart payment kiosks
  • Commercial benefits from each ManGo kiosk
  • Customer call centre & on-site technical support
  • Easy to use software/access to reporting system
  • Installation and updating of kiosks

Phone: 800 54247

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